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Greetings unto the populace of the Shire! My name isto be announced :).
I serve as the Cathanar Minister of Arts and Sciences (MoAS). 

Bi-Weekly Scheduled Arts and Sciences, every other Tuesday at 6pm.

My job as your local MoAS is to encourage you, inspire you, assist you, and document your journey through the Arts and Sciences of our period. Literally everything you do within the society is an Art or a Science. This includes fighting and making gear for fighting, knitting, woodworking, brewing, fletching, needle arts, fiber arts, traditional arts, calligraphy, illumination, book making, paper making, book binding, cobbling, cooking, sewing, period camping, fabric wall making, jewelry, architecture, alchemy, dye crafting, casting, sculpting, blacksmithing, animal husbandry, equestrian arts, leather working, the list is literally ENDLESS. I always say: if they did it back then, and you can document that, you can do it too!

In order for me to be successful in my role, I need your help! I need to be kept informed about what projects you want to work on, what you're currently working on, if you need help, and what you've completed. (I *love* pictures!)

This means that if you're currently making bows or sheet walls for war, I need to know when you started your project, what techniques you used, where you got your information (I *love* documentation), and about how long the project took to complete.

I collect all this information from all the members of the Shire and would like to post your progress on the website. Every quarter I send a report to my boss/es with all the information and pictures I can get. This shows them our talent, our activity level, and gives us a knowledge pool to work with.

Everyone should be working on something (or lots of things) during the quarter. It can be as simple as a dress or a cloak or a big project that takes months to complete. The main thing to remember is to have fun and keep me informed! Shoot me an email to: thyrieiriksdottir (at) gmail (dot) com with the details and your pictures. (jpg preferred)

If you want to request a class or teach a class, I'm happy to facilitate that for you and/or hook you up with a person in the field you're into.

Together, we can make this the best Shire in the Kingdom! Let's get to work!


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