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Greetings unto the populace of the Shire! My name is Lady Meghan Maclan of Loch Awe.
I serve as the Cathanar Chatelain. 

Office of the Chatelain,

The term Chatelain is used to refer to both male and female officers in law and policy. In this document, the term Chatelain is also referred to as Hospitaller and Castellan (Chatelaine’s Handbook, 6/18/15, 10.1).

So, now that you know what the word means, let’s talk about what a Chatelain does.

The Chatelain is THE face of the SCA and the area group.  He/she acts as the new member liaison, and makes sure that all information that goes out to the public conveys a true, accurate, and unbiased sense of the purpose and intent of the SCA.  Even more importantly, the information has to given in a friendly, enthusiastic manner.  Nothing is a greater turn off than the whole dry spiel from the official handbook.  Every chatelaine has their own patter style, the important factor is personal enthusiasm and the ability to read their audience and adapt to it.  Recruitment is important for the success of any group.

Other duties of a chatelaine include teaching (or arranging the same from a more qualified person) of newcomers; regular reports that are required by the kingdom at established quarterly times, and often monthly

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